Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Jasmine Kara - In The Basement (2011)

With various funk labels turning out new age jazz funk in the last couple of years, there was only really one thing for the label best known for that practice to do. Start releasing dirty soul and funk.
In The Basement, originally sung by Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto, is the first single out from Jasmine Kara, from the album Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad.
Iranian born, Swedish native Kara has an ability to bare her soul vocally, quite a feat in a young voice. Not surprising then why it wasn’t long before she was brought to the attention of legendary records man Marshall Chess of Chess Records fame. Mr Chess became Jasmine's mentor and produced her debut album mentioned above, initially released through Tri-Sound Records, Marshal's other label.
In collaboration  with Tri-Sound, Acid Jazz have released this track as a single from the album, with the equally dancefloor filling flip-side In The Basement. Pt 2. Dunno what’s going on with the release schedule for the album; although the single came out September 19th on Acid Jazz, no date seems to have been set for the album.
The spectacularly-voiced  Kara performs a version of In The Basement that isn’t wildly different from the original - slightly heavier and faster - but nonetheless a dead ringer for a sixties soul session 45.
Off the hook singing, peerless production and a b-boy-featuring video should imbue Kara’s career with a credibility that prevents it ending up where Duffy’s has. In the basement.

Lack Of Afro - Roderigo (2007)

As a multi instrumentalist, in-demand producer and re-mixer, a DJ with his finger on the cutting edge of contemporary sounds, and an ear tastefully cocked to the hippest soul, jazz and funk music from the 60´s and 70´s, Adam Gibbons, the man at the centre of the Lack Of Afro phenomenon, has already established an unrivalled reputation as one of the most crucial names at work in funk and dance music today.
The Lack Of Afro story began back in 2006 after excited word spread to the Freestyle Records offices about the sounds Adam was creating, Freestyles´ head honcho DJ Adrian Gibson instantly signed him and released the stunning debut single Wait A Minute. One of the labels fastest selling 12”s ever, it has gone onto sell massive numbers worldwide and appeared on countless compilations. The subsequent 2007 album Press On fulfilled his early promise, with Adam playing nearly all the instruments himself. Hailed by iDJ magazine as “one of the greatest albums of the modern funk era” the release passed into contemporary music folklore.
This track takes it's cues from latin funk: Roderigo is a stomping, horn led dancefloor monster - once again illustrating the unique production style of this young producer and giving us a memorable track into the bargain.

Diesler feat. Laura Vane - Samba Magic (2010)

Diesler's first release was Cotton Wool, part of the Tru Thoughts Shapes One compilation: despite being written when he was only 20, the song still found its way onto Radio 1, a massive achievement for a debut track. This success was followed with the Ladies and Gentlemen Get Your Engines Ready EP in June 2004; a mixture of smooth, laid-back vibes and up tempo beats, from jazz and funk to Latin rhythms, it showcased Dieslers globe-trotting sound, and magpie-like ear for the best samples, to devastating effect.
He followed that up with his debut album & double vinyl EP releases Diggin It Somethin Rotten in April 2005 and a calendar year later with Keepie Uppies, both of which are on the Tru Thoughts label. His 3rd album, The Rhythm Station, was released in October 2007 on Freestyle Records and a remixes compilation, Tracks On The Rocks in 2009.
Aside from his own work Diesler has been remixing all over the place for labels including Ninja Tune (UK), Jugglin/Raw Fusion (Sweden), Hi Top (Spain), Schema (Italy), Tru Thoughts (UK), Catskills (UK), Freestyle (UK) Sunday Best (UK), Soultage (Japan), Record Kicks (Italy).
Samba Magic, the opening track from the album Tie Breakers, is a funky slice of samba-infused soul, with a fantastic horn that keeps spinning round in your head hours after listening, and of course features the vocals of the wonderful Laura Vane.
Tie Breakers was released May 2010 on Unique records; recommended listening.